My Property Tools offers four objectives in automated bill paying and bookkeeping: Convenience, Accuracy, Safety, and Accountability.

  1. 21st century automation: Send us your bills and receipts. We do the rest.
  2. Our system analyzes your documents and forwards them to staff, who enters them into your account after verification.

Here's how it works

The Process
  1. You send us your bills via email or upload
  2. Our system performs preliminary checks on the bills
  3. Our staff manually verifies the details of your bills
  4. We charge your stored credit card
  5. We pay your bills
  6. We bookkeep the bill for you

Under the hood

When you book your subscription, we enter your investment property and credit card information into a secure database. You may register additional credit cards if you like.

You also receive a dedicated, secure personalised email address for you to send bills for payment. Alternately, you may send bills and other documents to our generic documents email address: In either event, our system ensures you are really you by verifying the transmission with the registered user database. If verification fails, we return the document to you with an explanation.

Once the system verifies the document, it creates a bill payment transaction on the website, scanning and pre-populating the document where necessary with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Next, staff physically verifies the information and, if necessary, requests clarification from you before sending you a confirmation email.

Since most bills are recurring, the default notification to you before payment is five days. However, you may adjust the notification time or tell us not to pay the bill and have us annotate the transaction in bookkeeping.

After deducting any credits you've earned, we charge the saved credit card and pay the bill when we receive clearance from the credit card company. We'll send you a confirmation email when the bill has been paid.

The process for bookkeeping-only is much the same. You can easily set a custom default setting for bookkeeping-only instead of bill paying.

Stop paying bills yourself. Automate with My Property Tools!

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