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Diversifying Your Retirement Investments

29/09/2017 | Charles Tong @ My Property Tools

Everyone knows that investing in property is a great long term strategy. There is also tons of information about investing in stocks. Did you know there are other great ways of investing and ensuring you have a diverse profile heading into retirement? We've put together a list of nearly 20 options for diversifying for your retirement so that you spread your risk & ensure you can happily retire in the lifestyle you want!

Top 11 Concerns When Buying A New Home

29/09/2017 | Michael Kobi @ Kobi Builds

Buying a new home is a huge investment. As exciting as it is, it’s only natural to have concerns about what you’re committing to – especially when it comes to the property and your finances. To help you feel more confident, here are 11 things to think about when you decide to take the plunge.

How To Ensure Your Home Is Cleaned Properly Before Settlement

13/09/2017 | Michael Brooke @ Freelancer

Settlement after you've sold your home is one of the most exciting time of your life. You may be upgrading, investing funds in a second property or moving to a unit. Whatever the case it signifies a big life change and one you won't soon forget.

Pros & Cons of Using an Insurance Broker

13/09/2017 | Alex Hamilton @ Freelancer

When looking for property insurance policies, it may be worthwhile going through an insurance broker. Insurance brokers will act on behalf of you to provide advice and information about which insurance policy is the right fit. Insurance is complex and genuine expertise goes a long way.

Benefits of Engaging with A Town Planning Professional

11/09/2017 | Alex Hamilton @ Freelancer

Town planning is a long process that involves both strategic planning and local government. It is the planning of construction and development to meet the needs of expected growth in an urban area.

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