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7 ways to protect your house in an emergency

25/04/2017 | Michael Kobi @ Kobi Builds

Sometimes you can't stop an emergency from happening, but you can certainly be prepared for one. Your home is your sanctuary, and whether you’re facing a natural disaster, a home invasion, or even a gas leak, it's important to protect what matters most.  Here are seven simple ways you can do just that.

3 of Perth’s best investment suburbs in 2017

06/04/2017 | Damian Collins @ Momentum Wealth

Considering buying a residential investment property in Perth in 2017? Here are 3 suburbs that every investor needs to run their ruler over before making their final decision.

The Perfect Guide To Making Your Property Termite-free

27/02/2017 | Muzi Tsolakis @ Protech Pest Control

One of the worst pests to invade your home is termites. Termites do more than just eating away at the wooden materials of your home; they can completely destroy it!

Should I pay off my Mortgage early or invest in a second property?

13/12/2016 | Charles Tong @ My Property Tools

If you can pay an additional $200 per month on your typical mortgage on a $600,000 home, you may be able to save up to $55,000 over the lifetime of your mortgage, essentially cutting your mortgage by 4 years. However, the median property price may increase by more than $100,000 over 4 years.

Negative Gearing vs Positive Gearing - The facts

29/11/2016 | Charles Tong @ My Property Tools

You’ve read it on the news, you heard it from your friends, so, what exactly is negative and positive gearing?

Everything you need to know about managing property yourself

11/11/2016 | Charles Tong @ My Property Tools

A typical full time property manager, who has the right tools and employs streamlined processes, can manage up to 150 properties. That's equivalent to spending only 16 minutes per week on each property and thats a staggering $230+ per hour that you are paying them if your property rents for $700/week.

Property Affordability - Can I really afford it?

29/08/2016 | Charles Tong @ My Property Tools

Anyone can work out if they can afford to put down the required down payment to purchase a property, but it doesn't stop there. There are many factors ranging from rental yields to fluctuations in borrowing rates. Can I really afford your next purchase?

The 6-year property capital gain tax rule

19/07/2016 | Charles Tong @ My Property Tools

Property investing is already tiring and daunting, then there is this 6-year CGT rule everyone tells me about. But how does it really work? Here I will take a quick dive into a common misconception of the 6-year CGT rule in Australia, using it as a case study.

The secrets of buying off plans

27/06/2016 | Charles Tong @ My Property Tools

Buying off the plan is attractive. In Australia, most of the time you just have to pay 10% deposit and wait for settlement. While it is being constructed you also get to enjoy capital growth of the entire value of the property without paying any interest on repayments.

Rental bonds online

20/05/2016 | Charles Tong @ My Property Tools

Rental Bonds Online is a new service helping tenants, agents and private landlords lodge and refund bond money securely and easily.

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