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How to Create the Right Home Theater Environment

16/10/2018 | Charles Tong @ My Property Tools

For anyone who loves the movies, a home theater can be a perfect place to immerse in a private cinematic experience. After all, watching movies at home offers a more convenient and much better viewing experience compared to public movie houses.

Moving Interstate - What you should know

05/10/2018 | Charles Tong @ My Property Tools

Moving interstate can be exciting, scary and exhausting. If you are one of the census-calculated 340,000 people who move interstate in Australia every year, there are some straightforward steps you can take to make your big move run smoothly.

Should You Refinance Your Home Loan to Invest in Your Business?

10/08/2018 | Charles Tong @ My Property Tools

Looking for more funds to grow your business? Tapping into your home loan for finance is an important consideration that could have a range of benefits depending on your circumstances. Every business owner goes through this deliberation, but making the right move at the right time could open new doors of opportunity for your business and enhance your home equity.

Are Real Estate Agents Overpaid?

27/07/2018 | Charles Tong @ My Property Tools

Do real estate agents really make that much out of property sales? And is it worth the cost?

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before House Hunting

09/03/2018 | Charles Tong @ My Property Tools

We've compiled six simple tips for house hunting. From budgeting to location & aethetics we discuss it all! Read more now.

How Staging your Home Increases your House Value

26/01/2018 | Laurence @ 740 Designs

Any homeowner with their property on the market knows how unpredictable things can be, and not being able to relocate until your home is sold seems to be something that is part of the real estate world, yet there are ways of getting ahead in the property sales arena, and having your home "staged" by a professional furniture hire company is a sure fire way to move things along.

How to give your verandah a makeover in eight easy steps?

09/11/2017 | Darren Wallis @ Modern solutions

A verandah is an exciting addition to your home property as it not only increases your value but also add a bit out indoors in your outdoors which means that you don’t have to hide from the extra sun or chill winter days by going indoors.

Your Guide to Buying a Home Safe for Your Valuables

31/10/2017 | Alex Hamilton @ white chalk road

Are you looking for the best home safe to protect your valuables from burglars?

9 Key Questions You Should Ask Every 2-Storey Home Builder

26/10/2017 | Alex Hamilton @ white chalk road

Are you looking to build your very own 2-storey home and don’t know how to find the right builder?

5 Quick Fixes For Your Apartment Before Inspection Day

05/10/2017 | Marc Steen @ Strata Data

With inspection day coming up, it’s time to spruce up your apartment. From cleaning the carpets to checking the light bulbs, everything must be presentable and in working order.

Think of it this way – if you were renting the apartment, what would you check before moving in? Or at the end of your lease, what would you repair to make sure you got your deposit back? Here are five simple (and affordable) tips to get you started.

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