The Perfect Guide To Making Your Property Termite-free

One of the worst pests to invade your home is termites. Termites do more than just eating away at the wooden materials of your home; they can completely destroy it!

They are benefited by their tiny size and can easily crawl through the space of 1.5mm. Research shows that 1 out of every 4 homes in Australia can be a victim of termite invasion.

Termites can never be found to be alone and live in groups of large number, just like ants, their behaviour and destruction is synchronised with other members of their group.

Queen termite surrounded by workers

The termite queen is known to reproduce at a high pace and can lay up to 1000 eggs all in a day’s work. This just adds to the termite population. An average termite colony is known to consume about 5 grams of wood a day, which means that termites do have a way of making sure they destroy your precious dream home.

The average repair cost of damage caused by termites is anywhere between $7000- $8000. Worse yet is that most home insurance policies do not cover the damage caused by termites.

Termites can put the value of your property on a major decline.

Termites are the definition of destruction for any property that is constructed mostly from wood.

It doesn't take too long for termites to devour your property which means that your property is put at the risk of falling apart any moment when their feeding destructs too much or too many parts of your property. This is why no home owner would like to buy property that has the risk of collapsing.

Having a termite problem can and will reduce the value of your property by at least 20 % and the same is proved by recent research.

How to secure your property from termites:

Avoid the contact of wood with ground.

The contact between wood and ground has a nasty way of encouraging termite infestation, this being so because of a perfect environment of food, moisture, shelter and secret entrances to the property, being provided to termites.

It is necessary to ensure that Wood siding, latticework, door and window frames and similar wood items be mounted at a distance of 6 inches above ground level. This helps avoid wood to ground contact.

Termite Leads

Of course it may require you to pull back soil or mulch placed near the foundation of your property, cutting the bottom of the wood work off or cutting off a support for steps or posts with concrete base as posts or stairs that might be supported by a concrete base usually travel through the base into the ground resulting in wood to ground contact.

Chemically treated wood is not completely termite-free and can be infested by termites through cuts and cracks which is why avoiding wood to ground contact is the best way to go.

Prevent the accumulation of moisture near the foundation.

Moisture is a magnet for termites which makes any foundation with the presence of frequent moisture, an open invitation to these unwanted intruders.

It is essential to make sure that water or all kinds of moisture is directed far away for the foundation. Functioning gutters, downspouts and splash blocks are a blessing to this need.

It is important to make sure any kind of leakage in faucets as well as water pipes or air conditioners should be taken care of immediately and not ignored. It is also helpful to construct the ground closest to the foundation in a sloping manner to avoid accumulation of any kind of water or moisture.

An important step would be to install tiles and drains if the property lacks in its drainage facilities. Make sure lawn sprinklers and any irrigation systems are accurately set to ensure no pools of water forming close to the foundation.

Decrease humidity in crawl spaces.

Certain areas in buildings and homes also known as crawl spaces are integral to the structure of the building, especially in case of an emergency however, these should be maintained and seen into as well.

Gathering of moisture or any water collected due to leakages could lead to making it the perfect home for a termite nest. A professional pest control service could provide you with the option of vent barriers or vapour barriers which helps keep these areas dry.

Avoid storage of wood against the foundation of your house or within crawl space.

Firewood, lumber, boxes made from cardboard, cellulose materials, as well as newspapers are a perfectly delicious meal for termites and tend to lure them to the place of storage.

Termite Damage

These can create an unseen access point for termites to enter your property when stored near or against your foundation. Reduce the contact of dense plants and your house.  Vines, ivy and any other shrubs can help create the perfect path for termites to infest your property as they can be mistaken for the perfect jungle to termites.

Remove any kind of tree roots, dead stumps or dense plant material around and underneath the property. Old foam boards and stake made of grade stake should be disposed away from the property too.

Limited use of Mulch

Although Mulch is an excellent choice for plants and landscaping, excessive or incorrect use of the same can result in the worst termite infestations. Some of the characteristics of mulch is its ability to retain moisture and its perfect insulation against harsh temperatures, these is highly appreciated by termites.

Even though mulch can be deficient in providing nutrition to termites and may not be their favourite food, termites are attracted to its characteristic of withholding moisture.

In fact termites prefer mulch to wood despite the different kinds of mulch used. It is important to limit the use of mulch as much as possible and ensure that it is never in contact with any wooden part of the property such as the door or windows etc.

Get professional help

Despite the many measures taken to prevent termite infestations it is possible to still be a victim of one as there are many natural unseen openings for termites to enter into the property.

Even if your termite prevention plan is at its best, it’s always better to upgrade the protection against termites with a termicide.

Man removing wood damaged by termite infestation in house

Methods of precaution of preventively treating your property for termites can never be regretted and helps upgrade the protection of termites towards your house. Some buildings have a history of treatments and can keep up with the terms of the warranty by a simple renewing the policy annually.

This really benefits the home owner as any possible infestation of termites will be taken care of or treated by the company itself at absolutely no additional cost..

Termites are a problem that cannot be taken lightly and it is always better to be safe than sorry. The above article should help to provide the various measures that can ensure protection against termites for homeowners in Melbourne, Australia.

About the author

Protech pest control, headed by Muzi Tsolakis, is a company devoted to ridding you of all your pest problems. The best termite control in Melbourne and the most efficient pest controllers and exterminators can be found at Protech pest control.

About Muzi

Protech pest control, headed by Muzi Tsolakis, is a company devoted to ridding you of all your pest problems. The best termite control in Melbourne and the most efficient pest controllers and exterminators can be found at Protech pest control.