How to give your verandah a makeover in eight easy steps?

A verandah is an exciting addition to your home property as it not only increases your value but also add a bit out indoors in your outdoors which means that you don’t have to hide from the extra sun or chill winter days by going indoors.

The initial days of using your newly constructed verandah can be quite exciting and enjoyable. However once the days start to pass your beautifully constructed verandah can seem rather dull and might not make you feel so attracted to it anymore.

Having a verandah comes with the responsibility of taking care of it and making sure it still seems lively and enticing. One of the days to do that is to give your verandah a makeover to change home look and make it seem as inviting and exciting as it was when it was new.

Here are eight easy steps to help you give your verandah a much needed makeover.

1. Add some plants and add some life

There’s something about the various shades of green that relax our eyes and pretty flowers of colour are just a bonus to have around in any outdoor living space.

Potted plants are easy to carry and move around in an outdoor space which makes them a perfect choice for a verandah.

They also seem to be more attractive when the pots are of a prettier design and well-chosen potted plants can blend very well with the beauty of your verandah and property.

One can mix things up by using a watering can or an old painted bucket for a pot. Adding potted plants will make your verandah seem more lively and enticing. One can even opt for artificial potted plants if preferred over real plants which will ensure that your plants never outgrow your verandah.

2. Flowers are the best addition of colour

The best way to add colour to your verandah is by adding flower pots. If you like following a theme for your home and wish to do the same with your outdoor living space then picking a flower that blends with your theme can help provide the satisfaction you are looking for.

If you don’t want to follow a theme but just add some pretty flowering plants to your verandah then make sure not to add too many colours as it can seem too bright or colourful that will not seem as peaceful to the eye as you intend it to be.

3. Add some softness with some nice pillows

Your outdoor furniture will always feel incomplete without the right set of pillows and cushions. And wouldn’t we all like something soft and cosy to snuggle with while sipping on a cup of coffee and enjoying the pages of our favourite book? Add that cosy feel to your verandah by setting some pretty and soft cushions and pillows.

It is always better to have pillows or cushions of the same kind and not have a large variety that can make your verandah look rather messy.

4. Extend the comfort a little further with rugs

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a comfortable cosy feel right from the time you enter your verandah of your home? You can achieve the same by putting in some rugs at the entrance that can give your feet that soft comfortable feel.

Rugs are also a great way to ensure your darling pet is receiving their desired warmth to snuggle comfortably on which means they don’t have to always be on your lap or furniture and you can enjoy your outdoor time more peacefully.

5. Add more of nature with a bird feeder:

A bird feeder or bird hanger helps make your outdoor space possess the lively feel of the outdoors while still being able to enjoy the comfort of the indoors.

Along with being a great way to decorate your verandah, a bird cage or bird feeder is also a great way to enjoy a bit of nature’s musical sounds that will take relaxation of the mind to an amplified level.

6. The mirror’s special effects for space

Mirrors seem to be a great way to make any space seem larger and more spacious. With its reflecting of lights and seeming like an additional window a mirror is a great way to make your verandah seem less congested. A well placed mirror can really brighten and light up your verandah space.

7. Get some shade with some curtains

Unlike blinds, curtains cannot protect your outdoor space from the wind or rains, however they are a great option to provide shade and cut out the extra sun on those hot summer days. They are also a great option to help create a bit of privacy.

8. Get musical with some wind chimes

Wind chimes have been known to create a relaxed atmosphere with the playful gestures of the wind turning into musical delights. They are also a great way to have some minimal music while enjoying the outdoors.

Wind chimes are a good option of decoration or accessorizing your verandah as they are not very costly and can even be made by looking up some DIY techniques.

Bring back the thrill of your outdoor living space or verandah by using the above steps to give your verandah a fun makeover and return to its glory of newness once again.

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