Benefits of Engaging with A Town Planning Professional

Town planning is a long process that involves both strategic planning and local government. It is the planning of construction and development to meet the needs of expected growth in an urban area.

As town planning is used to match our future needs and expectations, it is constantly adapting and changing in response to the needs of the community. As urban areas continue to grow and populate, we need to ensure the structure of the town can cope with the increase in population demands.

Due to the sheer importance and complicated nature of town planning, it is vital to engage a town planning professional to help with your applications and developments. Town planning professionals bring with them above all else, specialised and advanced knowledge.

Professional town planning companies look to seek approval for new developments or building modifications by liaising with local councils, and sometimes state governments. Government agencies have strict building regulations and policies in regards to town planning, and with the help of professional town planners, you can navigate through the ever-changing maze.

Here are some of the other great benefits of engaging with a town planning professional:

Ample Knowledge of Town Planning Process

Town planning professionals have helped with countless Development Applications (DA) and can give you expert advice and guidance through the process. The process can be very complicated at times and knowledge of local laws and regulations are a high necessity. Having trained professionals that know the regulations and how to follow them will make the process much more refined with fewer errors.

Saves Time & Prevents Delays

Due to their vast knowledge and experience in the process, it will take them far less time going through it. Engaging with town planning professionals will give you the guidance to ensure there are fewer mistakes during your town planning project. This will reduce the chance of delays due to slow responses from local councils or agencies.

Planners know what the council will be looking for when they are assessing your development. They will ensure all necessary information and documents will be contained in your DA and presented per the council’s standards.

Specialised Advice

Town Planners must gain essential qualifications and train to get to where they are. On top of this, they must have experience in the industry and knowledge of the inner workings of the role. Make sure when you’re deciding to engage with a town planner you ask them some key questions.

  • How long will the development application take?
  • Do you have the right to appeal the council decision?
  • Do third parties or neighbours have a right to appeal the council's decision?
  • In the event of an appeal, what are the likely costs?
  • How is the council currently reacting towards development projects?

Make the Process Pain Free

Dealing with the council and sometimes state governments can often be a very painful and time-consuming process. Luckily, by engaging a professional town planning company, the pain is greatly lifted from your shoulders. Ensure a smooth and quick process using a town planner who has done the process time and time again!

Good town planning professionals will be with you step by step to:

  1. Provide educated feedback during the design process
  2. Help with writing the development application/assessment
  3. Handle any further council requests or objections
  4. Handle your case if it ends up in the appeals court

This additional help allows you to relax and focus on important issues to ensure your project gets completed on time and on budget.

Although the whole process can be done without the help of a town planning professional, it will likely take you far more time and you’ll likely be held up by constant delays. Work out what’s right for you, but if you have limited knowledge, time or experience, your best option would be to speak with a town planning professional.

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This article is written by Alex Hamilton, a local writer interested in property investment and insurance solutions. You can catch him on Google+.