9 Key Questions You Should Ask Every 2-Storey Home Builder

Are you looking to build your very own 2-storey home and don’t know how to find the right builder?

Building a new home will be one of the most complicated things you’ll ever do in your life. It’s a huge investment, so don’t be rushed into anything. Spend time doing extensive research and meeting with a few reputable double-storey home builders.

When you first meet with your builder, it’s important to ask yourself a few quick questions to gauge whether you can see yourself working with them moving forward:

  • Does the builder seem friendly and approachable?
  • Do they seem trustworthy?
  • Is the builder confident in approach and how they conduct business?
  • Do they have positive and honest reviews and testimonials?

You want to tick a definite ‘yes’ for each of the above questions. If they don’t tick yes, consider looking for alternative builders and schedule some meetings. There’s no limit to how many builders you can speak to, so shop around until you find the best one to build your home.

Here are 10 of the best questions to ask your potential builder to ensure they’re the right fit for you:

1.      What Types of Homes Do You Typically Build?

If you’re looking to build a 2-storey home, you want to find a builder who has ample experience in building double-storey homes. Ask your builder which area they believe they specialise in the most before revealing that you are looking to build a two-storey home. This will give you an insight into whether they actually specialise in two-storey home building.

2.      Can You Show Me Some Houses You’ve Built Previously?

Ask them to provide some examples of 2-storey homes they have built in the past. Not only will this help you gauge their experience, it will also give you an insight into the usual style and quality of their homes. Does their style match what you’re looking for? Does the level of workmanship meet your expectations?

3.      Do You Have Any Previous Clients I Can Contact?

Ask for a list of previous clients who you can contact to understand their experience with the builder. Make sure to ask for clients for whom the builder has built a 2-storey home.

Ask them these questions:

  • Were you satisfied overall with the building company?
  • Did you have any problems? How were they resolved?
  • Would you recommend the builder to friends and family?
  • Did you get value from your investment?
  • Were there any unexpected costs?

4.      Can I See Your Building License and Insurance?

This is a must for any builder you deal with, no matter what type of building you want. Ask to see their license and their home warranty insurance. Reputable builders will have no problem providing you with copies.

5.      How Long Will It Take to Build My New 2-Storey House?

Ask how long it will take to build your new home. Can they give you a guarantee that it will be completed by that set time? What will be the procedure if it is not completed on time?

6.      What Is and Isn’t Included?

Many builders offer added extras with your home build. Make sure to ask what is and isn’t included in the price of your home.

Building a house will be expensive no matter which style you choose. You don’t want to end up with unexpected costs throughout the build. Ask your builder to guarantee a set price. If they can’t give you a guaranteed price, ask them if they can guarantee you’ll hear about any additional costs immediately.

7.      Does My 2-Storey House Come with A Warranty?

Ask what warranty comes with your new home. Also, inquire whether there is a service warranty over future years and ask what repairs will be covered under that warranty.

8.      How Often Can I Expect Construction Updates?

You might want to keep updated so you can keep an eye on how your house build is progressing. Ask your builder how often you will receive updates on the build and how you will receive the updates. Ask if it will be a problem if you visit and assess the build through various stages.

9.      Why Should I Choose You Over Your Competitors?

This is a must ask question. Ask your builder what sets them apart from their biggest competition. They should be able to give you their key points of difference without speaking poorly of their competition.

These questions will give you an insight into the suitability of your builder. However, they are also great questions to ask a builder when considering adding a second level to your house. Make sure you read up on some more things to consider when adding a second story to your home.

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