My Property Tools is built by the same folks from InvestSMART Group Limited (ASX:INV) – a successful ASX listed financial services company.

The project initially started in the garage in 2014 and have since came a long way to become what it is today - a fully featured property management suite for property investors who prefers to be more hands on with their property investments.

Whether you are thinking of purchasing or have already purchased, My Property Tools aims to be the one-stop-shop of all your property matters.

Our Team

Charles Tong, Founder

Charles Tong


Along with the exposure to the real estate market in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong and China, Charles has also been in the professional software development industry for close to a decade. With the rich experience at hand, the visionary entrepreneur is confident he will be able to make My Property Tools an even better product than it is today. With the high property prices and low rental margins, Charles believes Australia is in dire need for a system to streamline property management which helps keeps running cost low, effectively increases the investment rental yield.

How is it like working at My Property Tools?

Coralie, Accounts Manager


Accounts Manager

It is satisfying working at My Property Tools. I get to face different challenges daily, it is fun, rewarding and helps me grow every day.

Peter, Senior Developer


Senior Developer

The tailored agile environment at My Property allows us to roll out new feature regularly. It can be stressful at times, but feels good knowing what I build helps people out.